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Hospital and Surgery Indemnity

No deductibles

Hospital confinement & observation care

ICU confinement

Inpatient doctors visits

Inpatient & outpatient surgery

Outpatient Chemo/Radiation therapy

This policy is “flexible”-you select the benefits that best meet your needs

You select your own hospital or physician

Benefits may be paid directly to you or whomever you assign

All benefits “renew” each policy year

Catastrophic Disease

One lifetime deductible. You choose your deductible amount

Coverage for hospital charges


Chemotherapy/Radiation therapy


Nursing and rehabilitation

Outpatient phototherapy

No network restrictions-choose any hospital, doctor or facility

Benefits for many types of services, in and out of the hospital

This policy has a Renewal safeguard provision

Medicare Supplement Insurance 

Assistance with Part D coverage

Free Dental and Vision component

We offer many different supplement plans


$500, $1,000 or $2,000 deductible

Hospital room

Emergency room/Urgent care

Intensive care

Miscellaneous hospital expenses





Dental & Vision

No networks. You choose the doctor or dentist you want

Preventative care with no deductibles

Guaranteed renewable

No waiting period for check-ups

Up to $1500 per covered person per year

Eye exams

Lenses, frames and contacts

Outpatient Care

No deductibles or co-pays

Doctor’s visits






Emergency room

Prescription drugs

Home Health Care

Coverage is available for ages 19-85

No network restrictions or out of network penalties

No deductibles or co-pays

In home health care services

Home health care aide

Home medical equipment

Home doctor’s calls

Emergency room or Urgent care visits


Dental, eye and hearing exams

Life Insurance

Whole life coverage from $10,000-$250,000

Simplified enrollment with no health examinations

Premiums guaranteed never to increase

Benefits will not reduce as you get older

Guaranteed cash value

Chronic and terminal illness benefits

Short term care coverage

Why choose our health insurance plans?


The renewal safeguard provision means your policy cannot be canceled unless you fail to pay premiums as due, or if we cancel all the same policies in your state. 

You cannot be singled out for rate increases. 

The convenience and security of knowing that your agent or the Company is just a phone call away. 

First dollar benefits for some preventive care services with no deductible. 


Initial premiums can be paid by MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express, check or money order. 

Tailor-make your insurance plan to fit your budget for affordable rates. 

Discount for initial annual premium over quarterly, semi-annual or monthly modes. 


No pre-authorization, pre-admission or second opinion requirements. 

This is NOT managed care. You choose your own doctor hospital. 

We pay wherever you travel… anywhere in the world. 

Payment direct to you or the provider. You get to choose! 

Personal Consultation 

Good anywhere in the world – in or out of the USA. 

Portability – you can take your insurance with you if you move or change jobs. 

First day, first dollar coverage on most claims, Pays regardless of other coverage you may have

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